Nov 23, 2009


This weekend was primarily nasha free and the results are worth boasting about. Instead of [a lot of] alcohol, consumed warm water with a hint of mint and caffeine. In spite of sleeping at five in the morning, woke up fifteen minutes before eleven and didn't even mildly feel guilty about it. Oh, and was up before eight on Saturday. Ecstatic, yes, very much so.

Besides these trivial yet exciting achievements, I ended up accomplishing, or rather doing, various things instead of lazily laying limp. Saturday began with the Enrollment Day at the Art Institute.

Disclosure: I've switched school and the area of study after wasting four years and [let me not mention how] much money at Georgia State. All this while, I was trying to figure out what to do, never feeling a hundred percent sure about anything. One fine summer night - late night - I realized I had blocked out the only thing that could make me happy, that made me happy all throughout high school - Design. Past eight years of my life came rushing back, helping me make sense of everything that had and had not happened. Parents, of course, aren't happy with the fact that their daughter, eldest of the two idiots they've raised, is twenty-two and still only has a high school diploma. Back when I lacked dedication and couldn't find direction, the same bothered me too. Now, I'm content with where I'm headed and the decision I've made.

-Future User Experience/Interface Designer

Had yet another question-answer, explain-my-stand session with dad at and after the Ai event. It has been going on for some time with successive failures. I don't see my arguments making sense to him until my actions start shaping my career. Which is understandable and thus - I've concluded - discussions are worth avoiding for the time being.

Moving on. With little, not so important, details in between - snacking at Chatpati after several years, putting a check mark next to "buy art supplies", late night, lighted up, chilly Atlantic Station walk, making french toast for breakfast, getting some money-bringing work done - lunch at Varasano's Pizzeria and Amy Schumer at the Punchline Comedy Club deserve ovation.

Varasano's is a fairly new joint, with only salads, pizzas, and desserts on their food menu. That's probably the reason why they excel at what little they offer. From the first sip of Death In the Afternoon - Champagne and Absinthe with a sugar cube - and the first bite of Nucci - Garlic, Olives & Emmenthaler finished with Arugula, Mushrooms & Herbs - to the last drop and crumb finding it's way out of the glass, off of the place into my mouth & beyond, the entire experience was heavenly. As soon as I first sipped, chewed, and swallowed, I was talking about my next visit to this pizzeria. If you're in Atlanta and you haven't been here yet, please allow me to accompany you :) (no, it ain't on me, we'll split the bill).

Sunday outing came to an end with comedian Amy Schumer performing at the Punchline in Dunwoody. I'm not into stand-up comedy, but I'm open to exploring if the event is free (deal tweets, peeps). Had been to a show once before, at the same location, and didn't enjoy it at all. Today, however, not hearing something - as a result of prolonged laughter - made me want to rewind the live show. That's all I gotta say. Good night folks, you've been a great audience!