May 13, 2010

An A/C Less Summer. May be.

I love the sound and feel of a fan. It takes me back to the summers spent in our [less than] mediocre home in Model Town, Delhi. Lying on the cool farsh (floor), staying protected from loo-full afternoons, drinking Thumbs Up poured from [dirty, recycled] 500ml glass bottles while watching Chhutti-Chhutti.

Atlanta weather, this year, has been playing a game of finally hot! nope, chili again :P in the middle of May. So chili that it demands a sweatshirt and so hot that it makes you wanna strip. Either way, the central heating or air conditioning at Punti's stays put at "off." During the hot part of the summer, comes out the fan along with nostalgia and both him and I indulge in reminiscing conversations of our separate - yet similar - childhood summers :)


  1. [nostalgic]
    Even I remembered watching that Chhutti-Chhutti. There was a time, when DD rocked.

  2. @आशीष.. Indeed! Though, nothing seems to rock on television - doordarshan or cable - anymore. 24 hour streaming and infinite channels are to blamed, I believe.