Apr 3, 2010

Aal Izz Well

It's amazing how much we rely on our bodies functioning normally. In the past two days, the machine(s) encasing my soul has been struck by a stiff neck, inflexible muscles, insomnia, and a fear of catching a cold, to mention just a few. Some of these may be interrelated, for example, neck pain making sleep a distant dream. Others, a result of prolonged dismissal of important activities: no yoga = old age, aka inflexible muscles.

Sure, I enjoyed insomnia night one. Sleepless, tired-less night. The world around me dark and quiet, the other side of the globe a frolicking bunch. Night two, however, should not have seen the sunrise but mid-day instead. After the initial fun it's just repetition, monotony, same-old! Fun turns into loneliness and excitement into anger.

On another note, finished my first quarter of art school two weeks ago. Did [extremely] well in academics after f-o-u-r l-o-n-g y-e-a-r-s; tasted my hard-earned triumph after, what once felt like, eternal darkness. March 23rd, the day I looked at my final grades, marked the end of one and the beginning of another cycle. During the first I saw all different levels of academic success, primarily driven by my social success. Current cycle's social success, I promise, will depend on my professional success.

Oh, lastly, I am [finally - not that I was hurrying -] in a committed relationship. Same guy, different story ;)

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