Feb 21, 2011

Can mobs be civil?

I've always loathed it when [some] people argue it is the woman's fault if she gets sexually asaulted or raped because she invited it by being there, or being beautiful, or suggesting advances. But, I'm not sure how I feel about this one: 

Female Foreign Correspondents' Code Of Silence, Finally Broken http://huff.to/dN7OVx

What do you think? 

For one thing, I KNOW mob-mentality is the lowest, scariest, most hideous the public can get. There's a level of invisibility. Law is not in place. Chaos helps overshadow everything immoral, unethical, illegal. So how can one expect (in our not-so ideal world) for people to act with civility, when the only thing that FORCES us to act in line is the fear of getting caught, the fear of loosing dignity.

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