Jul 31, 2011

Home Coming

I went photographing in the wilderness today. Panola Mountain State Park is only about a 15-20 minute drive from home.

Yes, it's home these days, not 'my apartment'. Home, where my parents live and breathe. And I do too since mid-June '11 :)

Spontaneously decided this hike sometime around midnight last night. It was based on need. A need to get away from central air-conditioning and sitting on my ass doing things that one does sitting on their ass. Which includes, in no particular order, but is not limited to: working, sketching, eating, watching, smoking, thinking, day-dreaming, drinking, planning, meditating, analyzing, reading, browsing, shitting, listening, writing, texting, talking, etcetera. I needed fresh air, some sweating, and natural peace & quite. Needed to get away from my own head - kinda hard to do since it's with me 24/7/365. Also, a certain grievance, which I didn't know needed some grieving until I grieved couple nights ago, had become stagnant. Fresh air helped it move, and while driving back I was happily and chirpily and dancingly and enjoyingly singing along chaahat ke do pal bhi mil paaye… from Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara, on repeat.

In the wilderness, I listened to music, took photographs, ate aalu paranthe, smoked a cigarette, listened to nature, meditated on top of my car, read under a tree, and once ready to go, started whistling happily :) …I also threw away the cigarette pack, with some cigarettes still in it (a first!). Will see how long this quit session lasts. "Fuck you, peer pressure!" seems to have gotten stronger within me (I should consider quoting this to peers as well), so I might last longer this time… well, as long as, "Fuck your fuckin' theories, Kishu!" is even stronger.

In other news: taking time off Alcohol this Ramadan.


  1. The last I smoked was with you. My mail to you is still pending. I will rather call up. Hope number is same.

  2. Sahi! Kudos!
    Yup, same number :)