Mar 23, 2014

An Apology to Self.

I haven't published any blogs in a very long time. Stating the obvious here :)
I thought I knew why, but today I am unsure. I read a few posts ... some from years ago and some recent. It is refreshing to re-connect to emotions and experiences from the past. Why had I stopped from giving this gift to my future self?

Somehow, somewhere along the way I got this notion in my head that no one wants to read what I'm writing. Or that I'm not cool enough. Even that things are changing way too quickly to stay current. But today, right now, I am seeing those "reasons" as limitations that I put on myself.

This is not for anyone else. If someone else enjoys it, that's a bonus! First and foremost, this is for myself. I enjoy writing, reflecting, processing, and documenting my life.

Let this blogpost be an apology to myself. An apology to the little wonder in me who thrives on experience, reflection, and sharing. <33 p="">

1 comment:

  1. You do know that some reader will always be around? Write. Write for yourself.