Apr 14, 2014

On "Morning Pages"

Hi. I'm here. Writing.

Ya know, I journal privately still. Especially morning pages. They allow me to start my day afresh, with clarity and focus, with understanding of and insight into what positivity and/or negativity is surfacing in my mind. This helps increase my everyday levels of joy & happiness, resulting in beaming smiles; and lower my everyday levels of stress & anxiety, and feelings of overwhelmingness. Sometimes I write for 20 minutes, sometime for over an hour. And almost always end with a sigh of relief, as if releasing a big load.

March 22nd was the last time I wrote morning pages. Sat a silent meditation course that started only a few days after the 22nd and since then have been in a habit of not writing. I feel the pressure inside :) ...my thoughts, feelings, ideas, desires, complaints, amends, resolves, reflections, plans, etc. want to come bursting forward. I don't even know what all is in me right now. It won't come forward until I sit and start typing.

I'll let this post end here. Getting back into the habit of blogging will take building, too. Be this an abrupt ending and/or post or not, I wrote and published. That's what matters :)

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