May 24, 2004

Exams..Chemistry..Kirk..School..HIM !!

Got exams this week - wed, thur, fri. English (4 essay q's in 2 hours) and Mathematics on Wednesday. US history (got a review sheet) and Spanish (am planning on cheating) on Thursday. and finally Business Communications (should be easy) and Chemistry (the HARDEST one!! was just studying as a matter of fact) on Friday.

Honestly, I have no clue how I'm going to do good on these exams... coz I hardly paid attention in class this semester! As I'm reviewing for Chem, I see it's easy. But remembering everything and knowing how to solve problems at the same time is a tough task. STOICHIOMETRY, SOLUTION CHEMISTRY, GASES, THERMOCHEMISTRY, CHEMICAL EQUILIBRIUM, and ACIDS/BASES. We had 6 test this semester... did well on TWO! JUST TWO!! ONLY TWO!!!

And English. Man, students who stayed after for "extra credit" only have to answer 3 q's... they automatically get a 100 for the 4th one. and you know what... 5th period doesn't even have to answer any but ONE! Apparently, they brought green (Mr. Kirk's fav color) t-shirts, which said, "Mr. Kirk is my HERO!" Kirk's so generous that he is thinking about eliminating THREE q's for the "scholarly" students of 5th period. Well, good for them!

You know how the last days of school go. ppl signing yearbooks, taking pics, hugging, kissing, already starting to miss each other :)... yeah! I’m also gonna miss that one guy. not a big deal though... "to meet and to part is the way of life... to part and to meet is the hope of life" and i'm hoping for the best (just like addi). Graduation's on Friday... and I'm definitly going. It's the last day yaar... how can I miss out on that... after this, I may or may not see him again. ANYWAYS!

Himali was soo excited today. Seriously, she looked so happy!! I could see it in her eyes. I wish her GOOD LUCK and BEST WISHES (just like nem).

Oh, btw.. I ws thinkin' about nem's message. And I came up with this...
1) Salutation - Hey Geetali,
2) Honesty - Although I don't know you all that well
3) Opinion - from what i have seen
4) Feeling - you are a great person.
5) Fact - Even though you have a bit till you graduate,
6) Experience - it'll come quick.
7) Advice - So, enjoy the time you have.
8) Friendliness - Good Luck and Best Wishes
9) My Life - <~his signature!~>
You don't need to know what I’m talking about, as long as I know what these 9 things mean - memories, melodies, fragrance!


That’s it for today... AdiĆ³s!

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