May 25, 2004

Learning Spanish from Bernal

Ok, it’s not like I hate Spanish. It’s a pretty fun language, and I would love to learn more of it, but that teacher! AAAAAAHHHH!!!! :((

Mrs. Bernal’s really nice at heart; I don’t have anything bad to say about her as a person – HONEST! But her teaching style GHOSH!! I am there to learn the foreign language; this does not mean I understand what she’s going on and on and on about in that anjani boli. She stands up there, blabbing something for 5 minutes, ends with the word “comprender” and her work is done. Then she gets busy with whatever. As soon as she is out we start looking around and the entire classroom fills with – “What did she say? What does she want us to do?” and not a single person knows what our task for the particular day is!!

So we just do something (mostly engage in “mature, academic” talks) and when she asks for the work (hahah.. here comes the fun part), our response usually is, “you never gave us an assignment.” Then, she tells us what to do. This time, finally, in Ingles!

Then we start working on that 15 MINUTE assignment; don’t do anything else for the next 2-3 DAYS!! :D …now, this is what I mean by saying – “Learning Spanish from Bernal” Am loving every bit of it! ;)

Hasta La Vista!

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