Aug 15, 2004

Festival of India and Manna Dey Night

I told everyone that I'll reach the Gwinnet Civic Center at 2pm; instead I got there at 3:45. I got ready on time, but everything is to be blamed on mom. She took the longest time. I missed seeing Satyan, who waited for me for over an hour. I didn't even get to see him this morning because I slept until 12 (went to sleep after 2:30am last night). When he called this morning, papa asked him why he called and everything but never woke me up. Hmm...

Festival of India was all right, I guess. Nobody from GHP showed up other than Dev. I talked to Dilan, Teresa, Jakina, and Kwanza on the phone but all had HW and crap to work on. It's all good though, the program wasn't that good anyways. The only thing all three of us - Hansag, Mom and I - enjoyed was the Antakshari. The Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge team was the scariest one. The way that lady sang freaked me out.

After that we attended Manna Dey's live concert in Midtown Atlanta. I had never heard about him before, but found out that he has sung many famous songs. I liked the program but hated the seats we were sitting in. They were the most costly, but weren't comfortable.

Well, that's about it for the weekend. Sunday was slow and restful.

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