Aug 23, 2004

I miss my India!

Today, sitting in Trigonometry I realized that Harrison looks a bit like Renu aunty. Maybe it’s just because Renu aunty is also very fair, but well, just that one thing made me think about my India - the world that I’ve left behind. I don’t get a lot of time to think about the people living there, but whenever I do… I get lost in those memories and find a smile on my lips.

Everybody must be looking so different. Naman is in 7th grade now, I wonder how he is doing. Chiki is probably starting nursery. Ria, Shweta’s sister, must be in prep or 1st grade by now. Shweta, Ananya, Akhil, Nikhil, all of Hansag’s buddies are growing up, they are in 9th grade now. Over the summer I got a chance to talk to Shikhar and oh my ghosh! He has a mustache now! Kids are growing up man.

And then there are my friends. It’s their 13th and the final year at St. Xavier’s, Delhi. Right now they are having loads of fun. I talked to Kanika on her b’day and found out that school is just for fun :) I really miss them all. Each and every one of them, I still remember all the names, all the faces, and all the voices. Ah, those great days! I love them all!

Unforgettable memories! Beautiful melodies! Soothing fragrance!

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