Aug 8, 2004

Week in Review

Am writing again after 7+ days. Today is Sunday, and the week starts again tomorrow. School is going great. I like all my classes and teachers. The only problem is am getting a lot of HW this year. Maybe since I'm actually doing the HW it seems a lot, but either way... IT IS A LOT!

AP Government - Mr. Dees
I like the teacher and I really like the class. We haven't gotten into any discussions yet, but whenever we do I'm pretty sure it's going to be real good. Over the first week we just went over the Amendments and had a quiz on Friday. I did well, surprisingly. Now we have a group project - timeline of the Amendments. It's a time pass thing, but as long as one gets an A it's all good.

English IV - Ms. Schernakau
I had heard that Schernakau is a bloodsucking teacher. I think I can see what they meant, but the first couple of days that I was in her class, I got a pretty good impression of her. She likes students to do work, and excel in studies, but she's a nice person at heart. A fun creature! In her class we are doing a "group" activity, which is more like individual work.
So far, I have to write two college essays, and a letter to my prospective roommate. Everything is due in less than two weeks. Another thing we are doing is projects on our summer readings. I'm working with Michael on one of those - creating a newspaper with 4 news stories, 2 ads, 2 editorials, and an advice column. For the other one I'm making a website for Robert Bolt (Author of "A Man For All Seasons").

Honors Trigonometry - Ms. Harrison
Harrison is pretty nice. We are just reviewing Algebra right now and have a test tomorrow. Have been getting practice sheets and questions from the book. I always make simple, silly, stupid mistakes. I had a few questions about a couple of things. I got them cleared after school one day. The "staying after school and getting something cleared" is unusual for me!

AP Statistics - Mr. Shirley
In this class we got started the first day of school. Graphing bar charts, histograms, dot plots and analyzing them is what we have been doing. Also, we are doing a lot of reading from the book for HW along with 6-10 problems every other day. I love the teacher though. And you know what, Shirley's color blind! I wonder what he sees when he looks at the different things. Man, I wonder!!

AP Physics - Mr. Lee
Lee is great. We only have about 15 students in the class, which makes this the smallest class I have. We are doing some basics right now - defining time and what not. One thing
I like is that some things that I was confused about last year, I understand them now. He explained it the same way in Honors Chemistry last year, but somehow they make more sense now. Got a quiz tomorrow.

Computer Programming - Mr. Washington
The slowest class I have. I really am interested in learning C++ (coz that's what they teach in the class) but I'm not really fond of the teacher. We go to class, do nothing for the first 15-20mins and then he teaches in his crappy manner and we get done 15mins before the bell rings. I wish Mr. Smith were still at this school.

Other Activities
I’m the Vice-President of FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America) this year.
TSA (Technology Student Association of America) is another club I'm planning to join this year. They have some really cool things planned for this year. I'm looking forward to that.
Other things that I'm involved in are - Beta Club, Key Club, and Peer Tutoring. There's nothing else that interesting. I am thinking about the Mock Trial and the Big Brothers and Sisters, though.


  1. hey hey hey GEETALIIIII!!!!
    oh starts TOMORROW!!! yi yi yi! I'm looking forward to all the homework and the no-sleeping thing, OY! Looks like you've got an AWESOME year ahead of ya! HOORAY!!!
    Love ya tons!

  2. hi,
    i came to this blog of urs after browsing thru lotsa blogs randomly and i liked wat i read -- seriously u write well -- i mean especially the sher-shayari blog of urs - thats the one i noticed first n then found out the other 2 frm ur profile. u dont write on the other blog apart frm this n the sher shayari one do u? so i guess i will have to check 2 blog of urs. ur first experience in usa blog was an interesting read -- hope to see more of u .. do write regularly n read my blogs too (gah!! i m not that consistent - but still ) -- cya la'ers

  3. I liked Programming class, when took both 1 and 2, 2 years ago. My teacher was awsome. He let us play games after we were done. It was basicly VB though, No C++. My brother is the one who knows C++, I just want to learn Graphic Design so me and him can team up. Anyways I know what you mean, School starts to get tougher after Junior year. Im a Senior and its going well for the first week but Its just the first week lol..
    Well Im out, Keep writing, And be sure to check out my Blog, Its not as entertaining but yeah.. lol :D.