Jul 31, 2004

4 movies in 1 day

Today was a fine day. All I did was watch movies and do a bit of Government HW. Three movies in the theater and one at home. Surprisingly, I liked all four of them - Spider Man 2; I, Robot; The Village; and Princess Diaries. I will finish this blog by summarizing these movies, but before that I would like to tell you how I made it to the cinema hall at the first place.

The school is starting on Monday (that's day after tomorrow). Hansag and I still have a bit of HW to finish and HW is what we were doing all day yesterday. Mom and us had a deal - finish all HW today (Friday, July 30, 2004) and watch movies tomorrow (Saturday, July 31, 2004) - this is like the old days, parents bribing the kids to finish summer HW. So, Hansag and I were up until late last night (trying to finish the HW, but mostly watching TV and eating cereal once mom-dad went to sleep). Since we are used to waking up at noon (and in my case, 2pm) we denied to go to the movies after both our parents tried to wake us up at around 10am. My mother is very stubborn though, instead of knowing that we still had HW, she made us get up, take a shower, eat something, and go to the theater. Once there, we got 2 tickets to the 1:15 show of Spider Man 2 (which by-the-way I've been wanting to see since the day of its first trailer) and so the journey began...

Spider Man 2
Way better than the first one. For the first time ever I noticed that Toby McGuire is short :-? (I have this thing with people's heights, I would like a guy to be tall, but somehow I end up liking shorties. Hmm... anyways!) This one has more action and substance in it. I thought it was a little slow in the beginning since Parker was questioning his being Spider-Man and did not want to let go of his dreams, but he is a good man at heart and does care about the world, so he decided on being powerful and responsible (I love the line, "with great power comes great responsibility :D). Secrets are revealed in this movie, many people now know who Spider Man really is - "he's just a kid". At the end Mary Jane decides to love Parker and be loved by him, knowing that he is Spider Man.

I, Robot
Funny at times. Storyline was good. Will Smith was looking great and I even liked the Robot, he was cute :) The movie is all about Robots taking over the world. They are programmed to protect Humans but they start to think on their own - scary! The viewers don't really know who the betrayer is until the last 20 minutes of the movie. I would suggest go ahead and watch it, getting a glimpse of the "future" is always an amusing experience.

The Village
It's like any other Shyamalan movie. Makes you think! Some catchy dialogues (not really). I don't want to give out too much, would simply say that the villagers are kept in dark and way in the past!! This definitely is a must see, but you can wait until the DVD comes out. The Sixth Sense is still on the top of my list though.

Princess Diaries
Saw the first one on Disney Channel today. Don't have much to say about it besides one thing... I like the grandmother, she's so elegant, really like a queen. I wish I were one.


  1. haha, you and your short guy problem! I remember that first day you had a victory talking to...someone...and then you were in Jakina and Megan's room that night saying, "oh my gosh!, I think I like him! he's so cute!, but he's short, he has really pretty eyes, he's short!, he looked at me for like five seconds while I was talking to him, maybe I like him but then,... he's short!" hahaha Like I said, so long as they're taller than you are, it's all good. ~Maggie (who else)

  2. Short people arent all that bad. If you look at a short person you see that he never shows any sorrow for being his height. Most guys are short because of Weight lifting, theres a theory that lifting weights at a young age, makes you grow less. I dunno if its true. I dunno what you mean when you say short though. Do you mean. Like a 17 year old being 4's, or almsot below average like Salman Khan he is 5'7 or 8 or something I dunno.
    Anyways, I just was bored so I commented. I didnt notice Toby was short either, lol. Now I do.