Jul 22, 2004

No matter how long life maybe, it still is very short!

This beautiful moment is coming to an end. Today is Thursday and tomorrow Friday. We leave on Saturday. All the class materials are getting packed, tomorrow is the mandatory packing for us students.
It's hard to leave. Six weeks seem like a long time, but here they went by really fast. I wish the time had paused for a while, but oh well! All the people I have met here, all the experiences I've had with them. The nightly hall meetings; the daily lunch with Stephen, Teresa, Kyle, and Chuck; all the Saturday night dances; going to the concerts with hall mates and friends; working on projects with classmates; and having fun all the same... is something I will never forget. I have spent time with these people 24/7. We were strangers at first and now we are like a big family. I've lived with them; laughed, cried, and flirted with them. It's hard to leave, it really is hard to let go!
All of us are now exchanging each other's contact information - name, address, phone#, email, aim, birthday. More GHPers are caught with cameras in their hands than before. Everybody's trying to trap the memories, melodies, and the fragrance in their digital/disposable cameras. More people are spending time together. What's surprising is, we are still meeting new people. The questions that we heard the first week - What's your name? Major? Minor? - are still being asked and answered. 

Everybody is looking back to the first few days. What were the first impressions and how we have changed those perceptions now. A little scared, a little timid, we all were willing to meet the extraordinary students from all over Georgia. More confident, more self-assured, we are not at all willing to leave this magical place. Our GHP Myth did come true, but we do need to move on. As somebody once said, "The only thing constant is change." We need to learn to flow with the change, take the memories and the experiences with us, and be glad that we got a chance to be a part of this dreamland. Gotta smile coz it happened!!

I will say one thing though... No matter how long life maybe, it still is very short!

Geetali Sharma

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