Jul 25, 2004

Am back home

I am back home. It feels allright. While coming back we met somebody on the way and he mentioned something about Marrietta. The only thing I thought about on his mentioning that place was – “Amber and Chuck live in Marrietta” :) Thought the same when I heard a couple of different city names. Passed through Tifton, and wanted to visit Mrs. Suzie. Hehe! Am still stuck back in Valdosta.

The convocation, which was held yesterday right before leaving, was absolutely awesome. The slideshow, the speeches, the songs we sang, the dances we did, the cell-phones we raised – all were absolutely marvelous!! People started crying even before breakfast. I even saw tears in the eyes of guys. Felt bad since I didn’t have any.

Unpacked, took a shower after coming back and went to grandparents place in Atlanta. Was thinking about a lot of people who live in that area.
 I have dial up at home now, which is extremely slow. I hate it!!!! And I don’t really feel like writing right now… so bye bye!

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