Jul 27, 2004

Short, Random Blog :-?

Living at home is different. The shower tub actually has enough room where one can stretch, where putting soap, or shaving does not make the elbows hit the walls again and again. At home I can watch a movie without actually worrying about a cool seminar going on. I can go to sleep late and wake up after noon. Food is definitely great, nothing like what palms had to offer. But yes, I do miss eating that Honey-Mustard with fried potatoes. That thing was soo good!!  Other than the comfort of the things I just mentioned above… I miss GHP like hell!!

There was so much to do there. Here I sit at home all day long and do nothing. I did start on my GHP collage today. It looks pretty all right. I have random things up my wall, including the cereal bowl (stolen from Palms), a souvenir from the infirmary, my ID tag, and the Prism II, Theater major’s, and Dance performance handouts (all of those were soo good, god!)

One thing is for sure. I don’t want to live at home after an year. I have experienced what life can be like if I’m away from my family and it’s a lot better. Not that I don’t like my family, but I’m sure I will appreciate them more if I do not come in contact with them every single day… and the same goes for them! For the past six weeks I was myself. I danced, I cried, I sang, I had fun… nobody stopped me from doing anything, but yes! somebody did say something while coming back. All I said was, “See, That’s why I love GHP!” I cannot tolerate what goes in this house!

You know what… even the songs don’t sound that great now that I’m the only one listening to them. They are really boring to listen to since Kwanza is not next to me singing along, or Maggie, Megan, Jakina, and Lindsey are not out in the hall dancing to this music. Nobody’s asking me to “sing an Indian song coz it sounds pretty.” Even when they didn’t understand what the hell I was singing, they enjoyed it! Sometimes we had random discussions about America in general, I ended up saying – “stupid Americans!” – and the rest agreed with me. Haha! Life was great… and the memories are with me forever!


  1. i agree with "stupid american" :P

    btw it's not short..

  2. if you know me, or read my blog.. u'll agreee that this is SHORT :P :D

  3. I'm attending Governor's Honors Program this summer, and your blog makes it sound like so much fun! :]

  4. @Anonymous
    ...Congrats!! and Have fun! What's your major?
    I will be visiting again, after three years!!

  5. @Geetali

    Thank you! I'm majoring in math, and I'm THIIIINKING about minoring in communicative arts, but I win the award for indecisiveness so I'm not really sure! :D

  6. @GHPer
    ...I remember I could never decide what I wanted to minor in. At one point I wanted to be Soc Stud, Commie at another. Dance, Math, Theater seemed equally interesting!! I wanted to do everything :)

  7. @Geetali

    GHP was awesome, amazing, superb, and fantastic, among other things. I don't feel like words can eloquently express how GHP was and how much I miss it, even though I've only been away for a day and a half.

  8. @GHPer

    :) I know what you mean.