Jul 30, 2004

Open House

The Open House was yesterday from 3-5pm. I woke up late, like everyday, rushed in the bathroom, came out after about 45-50minutes, ate chhole-chawal (which tasted real good) and left for the school.

School looks real spacious with all those trailers gone from the front. The ROTC chaps were standing outside to welcome us and to open the doors (poor guys). I got my schedule after locating the 12th grade line and was relieved to see that I did have "Computer Programming" on the list. But it was with Mr. Washington. I was hoping to get Mr. Smith, since he was the only teacher who taught the class until last year. After meeting Washington, I found out that Mr. Smith moved to Dutchtown High as an Assistant Principle. Thumbs-up to him!!

The very first person we met was Hansag's Honors English teacher - Ms. Chapman. She is young and enthusiastic. The first question she asked Hansag was, "How's your HW coming along?" Hansag's response, "Do we have to do it?" You should have seen what Chapman's face looked like at that point. She was absolutely shocked! An honor student, on top of that - AN INDIAN - asking the teacher whether doing the HW is required or not. That's a classic "Sharma Family" moment. It's hard to find such a scene anywhere else. :D

Another "Teacher caught off-guard" scene occurred in Ms. Bouts' class. She is Hansag's Honors Geometry teacher this year, had taught me the same a couple of years ago. After the introduction session, Bouts asked me what classes I have on schedule this year. My answer was, "Honors Trig and AP Stats" You should have seen her face. That face simply said, "Have you lost your mind? Do you think you can handle those 2 classes/teacher the same year?!" Another one of those classic "Sharma Family" moments. It’s hard to get a glimpse of such a thing anywhere else. :D

I had to meet Ms. Brew to thank her for nominating me for GHP and let her know that I'm back (and willing to go back again, hehe!). She looked really nice with her new hairstyle. We got tons to talk about once the school year gets started. I don't have her as a teacher this year, but we will be working together for FBLA and a couple of different projects.

My schedule for this year, my final year, my senior year, looks like this...
1. AP Government - Mr. Dees
2. English IV 03 - Ms. Schernekau
3. Honors Trigonometry - Ms. Harrison
4. AP Statistics - Mr. Shirley
5. AP Physics - Mr. Lee
6. Computer Programming - Mr. Washington

Now, all I have to do is FINISH MY HOMEWORK. Am looking for the articles on www.georgebush.com (I never knew such a site existed - stupid me!)

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  1. Geetu!
    I'm so glad you got a good schedule! Thanks for reading my livejournal today, I was just feeling kind of down, needed a reminder that there are people that like me out there, lol. I don't know why, I was just in a kind of vulnerable mood, but now life is good, because I got to talk to a certain person for the first time since GHP and they seemed pretty happy to talk to me! YAY! Haha, you understand... You take care! Now that I know where your blog is, we'll at least always be able to keep up with what each other is doing!
    Luv ya chica!