Jul 19, 2004

The Open-House was great!

I did better than I expected. I was cheerful and excited. Gave an impression of knowing what I was talking about. People asked me questions, I made up the answers and they believed me!! Hehe.. okay, I'm going too far now.
Honestly, I kinda did know what I was talking about. And I did look very knowledgable in the area of my research. That's what many people said. I enjoyed telling them about the Indian Market. I'm very proud to tell you that I even convinced EVERYBODY, well... most of the people to go to India. :D I'm good!
A lot of the people really liked what I did. Many complimented me on the site I created, and I heard a lot of "wow's" on what I told them about. Two of the main things that I focused on was books and jewelry, also travel. Kyle took over my work when I went to see what the Design majors did. What he told the visitors was... "go to India, buy stuff, come back, and sell it!" Smart guy!!
Later, we had pizza. I had jalepenos, which nobody else could really eat.. hehe!! I was excited today, am not sad anymore.
Life is b-e-a-utiful !!

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