Jul 16, 2004

I wonder what's happening

Yesterday, I sat on the floor outside my room... and listened to "Tum Bin" songs which were playing on my boom box. Eating crackers, I was offering them to everybody who passed by me. Girls danced a little on the songs, while I just sat there... sometimes singing, other times thinking, and hardly ever smiling. Jakina asked me a couple of times whether I was doing okay. Of course my answer was "yes", but there definitely was something wrong with me. I do not know what though.
I woke up a little late today. Got dressed, went to Palms, had two bowls of cereals and headed towards my class. As I entered, everybody stared at me. I was a little scared, I looked at the time - yup! I was on time, a little early actually. Still, it seemed like every single person was just staring at me, for no reason at all. I was confused. Then Tiffany asked, "are you okay? you didn't go to sleep after the fall, did you?" I answered her by saying, "yes, I'm okay. Don't worry about me. And I hardly ever sleep during the day time." She surely was relieved. Not everybody knew what had happened yesterday, that I had fallen straight on the floor, hurt as well as embarrassed myself. So, everybody wanted to know about it. I told them the deal and laughed it off by saying, "It was hilarious though, just like in the movies." 
Not everything seems to be right at GHP. Something is getting into a lot of people. They are not acting like themselves. Something weird happened at lunch today. After analyzing the facts, Chuck made the statement that "society says men are not supposed to be emotional. If they show their tears in public, that means they are gay". What he said is correct, but it really shouldn't be like this. It's really bad when you know something is bothering the person, but he'll not open up or even discuss the matter. I am concerned and I hope that this person I'm talking about feels better tomorrow.
Teresa and I went to Bio-Chem after the minors to watch "Rear Window". It was a pretty slow movie, but by the end we all were sitting at the edge of the seats. Only the last 20-30 minutes of the movie were actually interesting. Even I thought to leave the theater at times, that's how boring it was for the first 1 hour and 30 minutes... and by the way, I'm one of the people who can tolerate even ghisi-piti Hindi movies.  Well... I think I should take that back because lately I've been refusing to watch such Hindi movies as well. I leave the movie in the middle now - I'm very proud of myself for that! This is what most of the copied, bollywood labeled movies deserve!!
I do not have much to do tonight. Even if I do, I'm not planning on working. I'm tired, and should probably go rest, but have decided to go to Bio-Chem for the 8pm show of "Men in Tights". Let's see what that movie is all about. The Bio-Chem seats are not at all comfortable, I have not found a comfy spot for myself yet. But just the idea of seeing a movie on a somewhat big screen, with friends convinces me to go sit in a dark hall and keep on adjusting myself. This is what the GHP experience is all about!!

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