Feb 12, 2005

i can predict the future :O ... hu hu ha ha ha ha ha!!

Case 1
I didn't do my Stats hw on Thursday, so copied it off someone's paper during Trig. At the time, we were going over something new in Trig. I looked at the teacher, then looked at the board, again looked at the teacher, and said to myself, "This new stuff is going to be on the quiz as a bonus question." But I kept on doing to Stats work because at the time that was more important. Anyways, my prediction came true, I did the problem from whatever I had heard the teacher saying, but didn't give all the answers. Made a high B on the quiz, which was good (as in higher) compared to what others made.

Case 2
Okay, this is not exactly "predicting" of anything, but whatever! I didn't go to school 3 days last week because I was extremely sick (uhu uhu), had to make up a couple of tests this week. Stats make-up was on Friday morning, I didn't study much on Thursday night, but had a monologue with Mr. God on Friday morning, it went something like this...

Aye God yaar, plzz lemme get a good grade on this test. I know I'm asking you to help me when I didn't really study, but man seriously I know the stuff. See, the formula for the interval is x-bar plus/minus z-score times sigma over square root of n. To find the p-value all you have to do is subtract the myu from x-bar and divide it by sigma over square root of n. The minimum population you need is not that hard either, it's z-score times sigma over square root of n less than-equal to m. See, I know everything! Just help my brain work, plz plz plz!!

I guess he got impressed and decided on not freaking me out. BUT we also had a stupid essay test on Frankenstein in English. This was over the presentations, which we were supposed to take notes on. Schernekau handed out papers with about six essay questions on them, but one was highleted that we were actually supposed to do. This was random though. You won't believe how lucky I am... I got the question that I knew little about because when we reached that presentation I decided to relax and take a trip to my dreamland. Anyways, I looked around, god jealous because others had questions that I knew everything about, looked at the ceiling, said, "Thanks!" and started writing. I did fine, it wasn't as bad as I thought :)

But remember, when I think that I did well on something, it turns out to be really crappy. Hmm... let's see what happens...

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