Feb 23, 2005

my sweetheart brother

It has been an okay break so far. Nothing much is going on except relaxation. I don't remember doing anything special since Friday till now, exept going to Nana-Nani's place and Global Mall on Saturday and seeing the circus and eating at Madras Sarvana Bhawan on Monday.

The food at MSB was ok, I didn't like it much. We ordered North Indian as usual, but it seems like they only make good South Indian food. I tried their sambhar vada as appetizer, which I liked. But other than that, nopes! It could be possible that my expectations have gone up, but I doubt that.

I also started on my Statistics hw. I will finish by tomorrow if not tonight. Am determined to study for Physics. Just wish me luck, that I do open the book and do some problems.

Watched a few movies - MunimJi, China Gate, Hera Pheri, and part of Xcuse me. Hera Pheri has been one of my favorites ever since I first watched it, so don't need to say whether I enjoyed it or not. MunimJi was ok, China Gate I liked, but Xcuse me was kachra. Hansag broght some more videos of Ghar-Jamai from his friends house. That show is our favorite these days :D

About Hansag, it's odd how we have been talking lately. I mean, actually talking and not fighting like fighting-fighting (if you know what I mean). One funny incident - I was working out some problems in the room, he came in, sat on his clothes on the chair, and offered me his Pepsi. I looked at him doubtfully, touched the glass to see if it was cold. He said, "There's no ice, you want a sip?" I sipped and he said, "That's one sip." I handed it back to him and his final response regarding the Pepsi was that "now you can't say you didn't even have a sip." :) He always finishes all the soda (no matter how much Papa brings) before anybody gets a chance to even see it properly. I was scolding him regarding this the other day.

I love that guy!

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