Feb 17, 2005

this week and the next

I know I haven't posted anything in a while. Missed V-day aswell, sorry bhai log! V-day was not special, it was just another day, just had a "V" in front of it. Wore white, red, and black to school. It's FBLA week at our school, here are the days and their "specialities"...

Monday: V-day (wear red and white)
Tueday: Professional attire day (i was going to wear my black suit, but didn't coz i'm lazy)
Wednesday: College day (i don't own any clothes that have college related stuff on them)
Thurdsay: Teacher appriciation day (nothing special, don't worry!)
Friday: FBLA day (wear gold and blue, they are FBLA colors)

Other than the above mentioned, this is our last week of school before the "mid-winter break". So, all the teachers have been bombarding us with quizzes and tests. I had a test in every single class, expect in Physics (postponed to the Friday after the break) and Programming (had one last week). English kachri gave us 2 tests. Nice na? --:O.. Yah! I know!! Anyways, I feel pretty good about all the tests this week. But lets see what the scores say.

Next week is off, but nothing is planned so far. On to-do list are the following things...
  • fill out FAFSA
  • fill out GaTech's FinAid
  • read over Stats ch11 and workout problems
  • read over Physics ch17, workout problems, and for once understand what i'm doing
  • listen to music, dance (or jump up and down)
  • go to sleep at NIGHT, and wake up in the MORNING
  • take showers!!


  1. English kachri--Now that was a nice way to represent your English teacher.. Bechari teacher.. y do they always have to be so bad to have our abuses but correct me, this abuse was sweet one.
    n u still in High school, from previous blogs it seemed like you are gettin in Gatech..??haven't you still got in??

  2. I will be starting college in August 2005. Graduating from High School in May :)