May 24, 2007

Maa Tujhe Salaam! - II

Figured out something after 12-14 years.

While standing in the balcony, I saw a kid-mom combo strolling around the apartment complex. The next thing I see, the mother is running and the kid is trying to catch her. Reminded me of my bachpan. We - Mom, Hansag, and I - used to do the same. And just like this kid today, Hansag and I could never catch mom either. It never made sense to me back then. I mean, she's a MOTHER for god's sake! How can she be fast and tricky and all. She used to tire us out, ending up winning herself.

But today, the mystery unfolded in front of my eyes. It's pretty simple, I don't know why it never made sense to me back then. Well, adults are taller and can cover a greater distance with just one leap. DUH! One adult step, equals two or three kid steps. It always made sense to me when walking, but not when running. Reason? Simple. You walk beside your parents... but don't run beside them in a park, when playing.

Another Salaam goes out to the Birthday Woman (IST)!


  1. Hey Geetali, gud stuff, great stuff actually. Keep up the awesome work. keep writing.

  2. mother is the only god in the nature

  3. @ mother is the only god in the nature
    [:D]. haha..!

  4. mother is the only god in the nature
    keep writing

  5. Well Mom's are Mom's,but the strange thing is they love giving advices sometimes when needed and most of the times when not needed,,but you miss moms when they are not around and specially after you get married they become more sweeter, but after marriage you dont get to spend that time with her to relish her sweetness!!
    Love ya Mom....

  6. Heyyyyy! My mom's budday today n this is the first blog I landed on... Wonderful :D