May 12, 2007

I listen to music a lot. Used to play Bollywood stuff all the time, but now I'm extremely bored with that. Have started listening to angrezi sangeet (finally!). Like a few bands.

Discovered and iScrobbler through iusethis in mid April. Have been scrobbling ever since then. Came across a number of bands due to - Beck, Incubus, Spoon - by checking out what my friends and neighbors listen to. It's a cool little tool if one's into discovering new stuff and willing to check out other people's interests.

The 'recently played' list is available on the sidebar of the blog (is that what it's called? hmm...) as well.


  1. Hey ! Last Fm seems to be fun!
    I tried a similar site a month back, something called iLike, I coundnt use it because it required me to use iTunes to keep track of my taste. Bah! I wont switch to itunes!
    Lastfm supports winamp :) cool!

  2. @Jass
    ...I also tried iLike, but I didn't like it because required a good portion of the screen to display what it had to recommend. Plus, there was no scroll button. Bad design.

  3. Thanks for sharing the info.