May 16, 2007


What's the news?
My black eye.

Cool, a Black Eye! How'd you get it?
Fell in the bathtub, hit something around the end of the left eyebrow.

Is it bad?
Not really. I couldn't open that eye for the first two days. It did look pretty scary for the first two days. So bad, I had to wear an eye batch. Pirate style ;)

Nice pirate touch. Does it hurt?
Well it looks like it hurts a lot, but honestly it does not hurt at all.

Is everything cool?

Cooler than ever. I can still see through the eye, there were no stitches involved, no medication either. Neither for the swelling, nor for the big red clot I have in the eye. The doctor just suggested applying ice.

Blood clot?!
Yeah, it's a huge one. It's like my eye has 3 colors now - White, Black, and Red. Although it has been there for a week and a half now, the sight of it still scares me sometimes.

Oh my god, are you sure it'll go away?
I understand it can be hard to believe doctors, who knows if they're lying to cheer you up, to not upset you. But for some reason, I trust doctors like they're a species of deities. Well, doctor uncle said the eye will be back to normal in a few weeks, and I - considering him one of the highest powers in town - believe him. On the other hand, if my thobda does not go back to being the stupid thing it was earlier, somebody gonna get a hurt real bad!

Poor baby!
Yes, I know :( ...thanks for feeling so very sorry for me. I absolutely needed it!


  1. Hope the eye reverts back to black and white! And hope that happens real fast.

  2. reality or fiction?

    Good conversation here:)

  3. @Amrit
    ...yeah, it's happening fast.

    ...I do have pics. But they're too graphic. Not posting online.

    ...Reality :)

  4. i wish you to post the pic if possible... well i was jus wondering how beautiful your eyes would have been with that three colour mix eye hurt..
    please post the pic...

    and congrats for the

  5. this one was hilarious... :)