May 31, 2014

Self Assessment

Things I want to do in this lifetime:

  1. donate a minimum of $100,000 to charity (because that's how big I can think right now... I wish to stretch myself to add way more zeroes to the end of that)
  2. write, write, write ... and publish a book that people can hold in their hands and lend to their friends to read
  3. become accutely aware of my subconcious reactions and limitations and override them deliberately and intentionally 
  4. become an AWESOME graphic and web designer/developer
  5. have real and meaningful relationships with people who choose to live consciously
  6. choose curiosity every single day
  7. be sexy in body, mind, and spirit
  8. be the person I wish everyone chooses to be : kind, compassionate, loving, caring

How I'm doing so far:
  1. So far I've donated ten and twenty dollars here and there, plus hundreds of volunteer hours. All together should be somewhere close to $10,000-$15,000 range.  Which means, I should be aiming wayy higher than $100k :)
  2. This blog was started in 2004. So much writing has already been done. A writing style has been developed. Now, pulling some of this together, and continuing a writing habit.
  3. Meditation, meditation, meditation. Every couple of months re-assessing how I'm doing with my daily practice. Recently, recommitted to 2 hours for daily practice.
  4. Some resistance to this right now. My accountability group (Failure Club) is very motivating!
  5. Oh god, I have many of these people in my life already. And I feel rather blessed. There's always room for more goodness. 
  6. I have been making this a daily practice at work since the past two months. I notice now that it's become a habit. I engage with people automatically, without effort now. Good stuff!
  7. This is a work in progress.
  8. Doing it. More can be done every day, though.

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