Jun 23, 2014

Life is good.

I moved into my new place on June 21st, the first day of summer. I like the symbolism of that! I am a romantic at heart and symbols are romantic to me :-)

I like my house-mates. We were friends before house-mates and this new relationship is a nice shift of energy... moving more into the territory of familiality, which I like! Love! Adore! Desire!

I also have a couple of job interviews this week and they both look promising. I am not nervous, but excited and confident. There is not one thing about me that I feel the need to hide, tweak, or fake. I am who I am and if I say, "I am pretty decent" I would be underplaying it.

I am the same person on the surface as I am underneath the surface. The thoughts that I hear in my head are the same that I speak to others. There are no masks, there are no skeletons. Honesty, purity, kindness, love and other such wondernessess live and breed in me.

I am conscious, not passive. I choose, not react. When shit happens, my life doesn't end there, it continues to breath and prosper. It finds fun and adventure in highs and lows. Lows aren't thought of as lows anymore by this new mind that I now possesses, instead they're highs. They're opporunities, they're windows into new doors.

Life is good, to put it simply.

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