Jun 16, 2014

Shock Therapy

I gave a one-month notice at my current job today. It lit a fire behind my butt. Meaning, I do not have another job lined up yet, yet I gave a notice.

This action is something I needed to get things moving. I have been wanting to move on for a while, am in the middle of interviewing with one place, but haven't applied to any other desirable jobs in all the past weeks that I've fantasized about moving on. My comfortable association with my current place of work was keeping me from going out after the next big thing. Fire behind my butt is exactly what I needed. This shift in energy is exactly what I needed.

I know it'll all work out fine. There's no worry in the air. Only inspiration and motivation. And just the right amount of shock therapy to put perspective on the commodity of time, allowing fine tuning the management of it.

What are you doing differently today?

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