Jun 6, 2006

6/6/6 - the day!

Today morning seemed very different for some reason. I felt something very unique and it seemed that I was experiencing something for the very first time. Could not decide what it was. And even now, while writing about it and trying extremely hard to find words to describe the incident, the experience, the feeling, the emotion, the drive, the moment - I regret to say, I fail myself!

Had the final exam for ECON 2106: Principles of Microeconomics at 8 AM. Mark Rider, our instructor, has a habit of being late to class. The test started at 8:30! I had stayed awake during all the hours of the previous night. Was studying - reading over notes, skimming through the book, reading chapter summaries; orkutting; reading blogs, and commenting. The test went well, I suppose. I'm not really looking forward to the results; prefer living in a dream rather than reality.

In the car, Punit said something about yesterday morning, and my ears found the word 'yesterday' very odd. I expressed, to me it did not seem like an entire day had already passed, gone, poofed! It only seemed like - not yesterday, but - yesterhour(?) or yesterminute(?) or probably just yestersecond(?) that we had been driving on the same road, stopping at the same traffic light, thinking about whether or not to reverse from the civic center station or not. This was the beginning of a very different morning.

While waiting for Professor Rider for thirty some minutes my mind drifted, and did something that it had not practiced for the past two months and two days, to be exact. It thought of words, combined them together, made sense out of them, forced my hands to pen them down, and finally create a piece of art - ek kavita! I wrote it in less than ten minutes and posted it on Intoxicated Senses soon after the test, under the time tag of when I penned my last word - 8:22 AM on Tuesday, June 6 '06. The poem compares one's life with the moon - a very common metaphor in Hindi Poetry - with a different approach. Instead of moon being the ideal symbol of beauty, the poem declares the moon a lonely soul who nobody really loves or cares about. Have a read and please, do post your views.

I decided to head back to my apartment sometime around 4:30ish. Before which I was busy orkuttin - latest fad of my life. I am already over facebook (thank god!); chatting; and of course promoting this latest kavita of mine. I stepped out of Aderhold and started walking towards the Peachtree MARTA station. The weather was quite good and I sure was enjoying it with my slow, leisurely steps. As soon as I started approaching the elevators down to the train level, I decided to walk past them. With a Red Bull in my right hand and a nice breeze blowing and messing up my hair, I was ready for a walk of over an hour through the heart of downtown Atlanta. I was certainly tired as a result of no sleep or rest, but I did not want to give up on this afternoon cum evening walk.

I walked down Peachtree Street - passed by the amazing architechture of the SunTrust building; saw office workers boarding Cobb Transportation; answered questions of roadside homeless people; smiled with and at this guy who was extremely happy about something; waited for the walk sign and crossed intersections; admired urban architechture; sometimes paused and had a look at tall buildings, trees, and street lamps from different angles - as a photographer's stunt; and much more! I did not feel like walking all the way upto Home Park. So, I cut through North Avenue into Georgia Tech campus in the hopes of boarding the Blue Route Stinger Shuttle. It was too hot at the stop and the sun had decided to take away all my energy. I stood there for just five minutes and gave up all hopes of sitting on a leather seat in an air-conditioned bus. After loosing all hopes I started walking towards the Tech Trolley stop. Oh! that Stinger stop in-pact with the deadly sun actually had snatched all of my strength. Yet, I walked!

Three other students had already been waiting for the Trolley near the Fraternity and Sorority houses. I sat on the bricks, my heartbeat was too fast, I could not do anything - not even think! After about seven minutes the Blue Route Stinger stopped across the road. Two other students who had joined the first three students and myself at the Trolley stop walked towards the bus, the other three went in a completely opposite direction, but I kept on sitting - didn't have any energy to move, no intentions either. Two minutes later, I was sitting in the Trolley myself.

Reached home around 5:50ish, collapsed on the bed, regained strength, changed into something loose, and got on my Apple.

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