Jun 13, 2006

HIST 2110: American History ...WTF!

Desi Prof! ...Not only desi, but a desi prof with an interest and experience in European History - French to be specific - teaching American History just for the fun of it! ...WTF!

Dolina's (I guess that's how it's spelled) research interest is Pondicherry - the similarities between the French and Pondicherry - a city that's in no way Indian (her dialogue!).

She has been here in the US for ONE SEMESTER! Why did she VOLUNTEER to teach US History, with no previous experience in it? B'cause, she's living here... she'd like ot know what it's about! ...WTF!

Her class was boring. She did not catch my interest. I learned more in High School than in her crash course of early American History. And in the US that's not how it's supposed to be, here... people don't learn stuff in High School! She told three stories about the natives and the Puritans that she thought were intersting. Well, they WEREN'T! Not when she told them. Because she didn't really tell them! It seemed like, she said the introduction sentence and the concluding sentence, and bam! that's the story. ...Well, NO! It doesn't quite work like that, unfortunately.

I do feel sorry for her for being so boring, and having had a surgery ... yesterday. I hope today's class was a disaster just because of her just getting out of the hospital. If not, god help the students!

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