Jun 4, 2006

Fernbank + controversies + GOD

Security guards at Fernbank are fun to talk to. Specially when it comes to a controversy... but then, talking about controversies is always fun... no matter who your counterpart.

These days, because of the movie's release, DaVinci Code is flourishing as a great topic to pluck your brains over. For me, however, it's stale news now. I've already had discussions on that topic with many engaging minds.

There's this particular security guard at Fernbank - I'm unfamiliar with his name - who always asks, after setting eyes on me, "do you believe the book is true?" I always look at him, smile and say..."I don't know if the book is true or not, but I do think Brown got a good imagination." And he does! The book, I believe is terrific. The way it engages its readers, how it builds and carries suspense through out the novel is just great! I haven't finished reading it yet, but as of right now - in very simple words - I'm crazy about the plot. Yes, I know there are many individuals who are completely against the book due to religious reasons... and this is completely understandable. Although, the book and the movie clearly state the story is fictional, in spite of being based on some true facts, it still questions the Christian faith. Average humans do not just read such materials and sit quite. They have to take an action! They are asked and forced to choose one side - true or false. Look at what happened when Hussain painted a naked picture of a Hindu deity? Look at what happened when some guy in Europe ridiculed Muhammad? They too were pieces of art - just like DaVinci Code - and they too were critical and controversial. When individuals play with somebody's emotions, beliefs - religious or personal, controversies come up, crazy stuff happens! Be there an intention behind it or not. This is how the world works!

Anyways. Yesterday, while talking to the no-name guard God also came up. He asked me if I was a Muslim. I said No. Then he thought about it and realized that I was a Hindu. A few seconds later I corrected him -

"Hindu, by birth."
So he asked me again, "What are you then?"
And I said, "an Agnostic."
"So you are an Atheist?" he asked.
"No. An Agnostic. I question the existence of God. I ask for proof, either for his presence or absence."
"So, how do you think the world was created?"
"I don't know" I said.
"What about human beings. Where did they come from?"
Same response from my side - "I don't know."
"Do you think we were created by Aliens?"
"It could be a possibility" - Hey! A different answer this time. I explained to him some different scenarios, gave him some different - more scary - outlooks on the world's existence.
"There could be many things. Aliens is definitely one of the possibilities. Basically, who is God? A superior being. Somebody higher than all of us. Right? Well, what if there's a particular species out there in the cosmos which is highly advanced than our own. There's definitely a possibility that they came down here and left some two beings to start life on their own. These aliens periodically visit earth just to check on us. It's not impossible."
He just said, "Hmm." His face clearly saying, "People at this age!"
Yet I continued... "Another possibility can be that we are living in a computer game. A programmer designed this simulation/strategy game, he did the basis things and now it's up to us to survive. Like Sims."
He just listened.

It is not true that I am the only person coming up with such scenarios or that I am the first to questions God's existence. Others have come up with similar possibilities and more will reach this point. This is what reason is about, this is what being rational does to you.

The no-name guard discussed this with Craig - another one of the security guards there. Several minutes later I came to know about this and Craig was happy to find some support to solidify his statement of Geetali being a rebel, which he made earlier in the day.

And the story goes on... the discussion did not end here. Jesus and Muhammad also came up. I made it clear that I do not deny the existence of either one, and I put extra emphisis on the word "either."