Jun 9, 2006

The Attraction Theory

Remember that short "film" I wrote about earlier? The one I helped in the making of as the camera (wo)man, audio specialist, and also as the latest "Priyanka Chopra" ... haha! I take it back, I do not like Priyanka Chopra - as a matter of fact, currently I do not like any actors/actresses in Bollywood (but let me save that for another post) ... What I meant to say was mine was a guest appearance in this short film.

Well, as of 6 days ago Suban Dey - the writer and director - uploaded the clip on YouTube and on Google Video. He did not even tell me about it! Why? Because he wanted me to see the better quality version. I was surprised he didn't know I couldn't wait for summer session to start to see it. I got the URL from his Facebook profile, and from then it all began - my journey as an audience.

Enjoy the show!

All of this was shot at Georgia State University's Student Center. The scene in the open area is shot right out side the Student Center and in front of the Recreation Center.


  1. Can't wait to watch you on video! Will check this out as soon as I return from office.

    And thanks for the "i read. oh yes i do!" :) (dont mind the smiley...)

  2. i don't mind your smiley's any more :)

    "as soon as i return from office" - you sound so grown up :D !!
    i'm there for only about 2 seconds, so don't get disappointed.

    and... you're welcome.

  3. Hey Hey Hey, saw it just now! And liked the 'attraction theory'. And liked you as well! Nice smile. :)

    By the way for what audience was this video made? By the way, the video was cool and everyone acted nice except Dey. He overdid it!

    And you bet it was more than '2 seconds'! It should have been more! :P

  4. Great! I'll pass on the kudos to the film maker.

    The movie, I guess, was made for anybody and everybody. Whoever stumbles upon it, I guess. But good question.

    I think you are right about Suban's part.