Jul 3, 2006

four wheels, on the road ... one in hand!

The past few weekends have been quite a ride. From Helen, Georgia (GA) to Memphis, Tennessee (TN) to the great Smoky Mountains up in North Carolina (NC) and TN.

Road trip to road trip. One destination to another. Often, driving aimlessly into the dark and empty highways. Many times, taking a road less traveled by, with no car, no human soul to encounter in any direction. Making careful turns on those curvy mountain roads, stopping suddenly to witness an owl staring at us, slowing down to let a snake cross the road. Hiking up a mountain, running out of breath, being extra careful not to trip on the roots that run all across the path. Taking a break by a water fall, drinking that cool water, splashing it on our exhausted faces.

Witnessing the beauties of this alien world that we live in.

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  1. ahmm ahmm.. so very nice..
    now the adventurous word is being done full justice by you :)