Jul 5, 2006

4th of July - 2006!

The date back in the year 1776 when the United States of America declared itself a free nation. Exactly 230 long (being an Indian, maybe I should say short?) years ago.

The day is celebrated all over the US with fireworks, fairs, special events and a lot more. I feel awful when writing the following:
I never really witnessed any of the 4th of July excitment LIVE; and it has been 5 long (definitely long) years since I've been living in this nation.

Now, I feel proud - and certainly very satisfied - to declare:

This year was different!

The morning started early (for me at least! I woke up at 9 - very unusual for a holiday). I had read about the Peachtree Road Race the day before after hearing about it from Dean Brook - my bicycle coach. Although the road started at 6:55 and 7:30 for Wheelchairs and Elite runners, respectively ... 10am still wasn't late for a photoshoot as over 50,000 individuals participate in the 10 mile race, and at any point in time until, I guess, 12pm one can see a flock of people running, walking, strolling on Peachtree with a number tag on their t-shirts.

I did nothing related to the American 'Independence Day' in the afternoon. Rather, I was at Dean's house learning how to fix a road bike - change tires, pump air, fix breaks. Learned some new bicycle terms. I'm sure I won't remember all of 'em, but it's a start ... plus, as Dean says, "at least you'll know what someone is talking about when you hear these words."

In the evening, we headed to the City of Decatur Fireworks after discovering that it's the point from where one can see all the firewords in the city - Lenox Square, Centennial Park, and Stone Mountain. After reaching the area, we decided to change plans and headed towards the Lenox Square Mall because there was a lot to do their - stalls, food, games - none of which, we could see at Decatur while sitting in the car.

Initially planned for 9:30pm the firewords at Lenox were delayed until 10:15 due to light rain, but once up they did not stop, and seriously were fantabulous!

The next few pictures on my photoblog will certainly be dedicated to and portray this day.

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  1. i must say - you are spending some awesome time of LIFE learning new things - very good.. n talk of independednce day - u seem to have taken photography as a passion - am impressed really n that gets a smile at my face :)
    shall keep waiting...