Jul 10, 2006

Google Store

Yes, Google Store! It sells all sorts of things from pens to pants, frisbies to can openers, office stationary to dog accessories.

Google's commercialization at it's height!

Some things are extra cheap, others horribly expensive. They got stuff for everyone! Poor, rich, humans, pets, kids, and adults.

Check it out for yourself!


  1. nd lucky r those who invested in google...kaash mere pass paisain hote i wuld have bought their shares ...

  2. Google shares are way to expensive dude. Over $400! And they started at $85 back in 2004.

    Meri kabhi Google ke shares khareedne laayak haisiyat nahi hogi.

  3. gifting me something?? [horribly cheap hoga to bhi chalega :P]

    did u buy something kya?

  4. Mr. Fool ... I got only one answer to all your questiosn - NO!


  5. thst all very rude [NO bhi and "FOOL" bhi :'( ]

    n moreover - ur crazy buds name doesnt include my name :( :( - u have seen the other blog i write - didnt u?