Jul 11, 2006

Why did the Pigeon cross the road?

Here, on GSU 'campus' we have traffic lights for pedestrians as well. This is often hard to find in American suburbs, but in downtown it's not a surprise, in fact it's an absolute necessity.

Some people - and I really do not understand why - wait for the walk signal before stepping on the road, even if they can see there is not a car to be seen for a good distance and that no car will magically appear before the signal turns red from yellow.

Often times, I cross the road without paying attention to whether or not I'll safely reach the other side or unsafely reach the hospital. I guess, I lack observation skills, or I have too much faith in the crazy downtown drivers.

I've seen many not using the zebra crossing, which is not an uncommon thing, though it may be dangerous if one is not extra careful, even I do the same thing! But never in my life - before the morning of the day of today - did I see a pigeon waiting for the signal to say 'walk' and then crossing the road, using the zebra crossing! No exaggeration here, no fiction, nothing is made up!

I saw a brown and white pigeon cross the road with other human
pedestrians; it was 'walking' right in front of me.

I - looking at it all this while - smiling!

I don't think I've ever seen that pigeon fly, and I've seen it around Aderhold a number of times. It's not hard to distinguish it from others of its kind due to its texture. And, I've always seen it alone. Hmm... may be it doesn't have any friends.

I took some pictures of the 'lonely bird that walks' when I first encountered it. I wish I could post some of 'em with this blog, but unfortunately I can never transfer images from my Moto Razr to the PowerBook. The bluetooth identifies the object, but always shows an error when trying to transfer anything!


  1. Sad that I can't see this special walking bird!

  2. seems like you have to learn something form the bird :P

    btw - check the forums on google to see how to connect razr to powerbook - am sure there will be a way or atleast a patch to get that done.. shall be waiting indefintely to see the civilized bird :d

  3. Yes, the bird can indeed become my teacher.

    I'll look into google.