Jul 7, 2006

Katherine's Pages

The Description: Exposure to the world distanced Katherine from everything except books. Years later, the one guy she does not want to get close to will drive her to open an old chapter of her life. But all he wants is to open a new one with her in it, before time runs out.

This is another one of Suban's films. If I am correct, he shot this before The Attraction Theory. I was one of the many editors for this script.

Katherine's Pages is much more involved that The Attraction Theory, and is more like a "feature film" rather than a short clip. Once you see it, you'll realize a lot of effort went into the story writing. This can be viewed in better quality on Google Video or YouTube.


  1. Good video! But I could not really understand it too well. And it was very slow. Could have been made a li'l more fast paced. But still a good one.

    And Suaban, well this guy directs far better than he acts. Keep the good work up.

  2. I couldn't understand some of the parts either. But I really liked the theme and the setting and everything else.

    I first saw Suban's acting 2yrs ago at GHP (Governor's Honors Program) - have you read about that in my previous blogs? - and I've been knowing since then that he's a better director than actor. So, I couldn't agree with you more.