Jul 17, 2006

Oh! So Yumm...

Lindt Truffles. Especially those white balls with that creamy stuff inside!

White chocolate is not really chocolate, it does not have any cocoa in it. Yet, the white truffles by Lindt are what I like, what I love!

I was first introduced to these amazingly delicious fake-chocolates at the

Fernbank Chocolate Exhibit. I worked there as a part-time cashier on alternate Friday evenings and on every Saturday and Sunday. Joined in February, quit in June. I preferred working at the Chocolate store, which was often more busy, but a lot easier to handle. Friday evenings were the most boring of them all. The evening went by very slowly. The couples entered the store with one of their hands entangled into a hand of a different skin tone than theirs; the other hand sophistically held a wine glass. Often times, people weren't in their senses (side effect of drinking). Other times, they'd purchase a $14 chocolate bar just to try it out.

I begged to differ.

Not completely though.

I worked there - the reason: I needed money to survive - and insipid of being poor I too purchased those highly overpriced not so uncommon candy bars. But, I bought the small stuff: like the beautiful White Lindt Truffles.

I'm not chocolate crazy. Yes, exactly how I'm not car crazy. There are a few chocolates, however, that make me fly. It all started with Five Star, creamy caramel bundled with some other soft and creamy stuff tied together by a milk chocolate coating. It started there, it ended there. That's all I liked! Not even KitKat, not even Perk, not even Cadbury. Five Star ruled!

In US, I tried several chocolates but none lived up to my expectations, except maybe Milky Way. And now, Oh! So Yumm... Truffles!

Recommended Read: Candy Freak by Steve Almond

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  1. no Cadbury - what the.. ask me - i am a chocolate freak - can have those as my basic staple diet :P

    care to send some chocolate bars to india - now that you say that you're not a 'freak' for chocolates