Jul 6, 2006

Watch TV + Drink Pepsi = Pepsi TV

Yesterday, I was looking up some Indian TV commercials. Didn't find any good ones. Pepsi used to make some good ads - or at least, back in the day I thought they were good... don't know if I'll like them now - but in this day and age they are making ridiculous, hilariously stupid, and seriously just a waste-of-time sort of commercials with bollywood stars.

Here's an example:

Pepsi TV commercial 1 of 2

Pepsi TV commericial 2 of 2

I have only one phrase in mind to express my emotions - WTF!!!

  • Shahrukh Khan is too old to be doing this shit! There was a time when I used to absolutely love the king khan but I was a kid back then! Now, I don't even want to see his face even on a fucking moving vehicle that passes by me within several seconds; the 82 second commercial was definitely a stretch!
  • What's up with these girls looking bitchy? Is it a soda commercial or a commercial by Axe?!
  • Kareena Kapoor can't act, can't dance, can't express emotions, can't do anything that will give her the title of an "actress", yet she's so famous that she's in a Pepsi commercial? Or, is that how she's making money these days?
  • Pepsi TV?! - Watch TV + Drink Pepsi = Pepsi TV - WTF!!! What kind of a crazy, stupid, crapy funda is that?

India needs much better ad makers (or whatever the term is for the people with a career in advertising).


  1. u have to check out the airtel ke advertisments they r damn good.

  2. Yeah this was stupid indeed, and I have no idea when did they air it, thanks to my lack of TV watching. But something tells me it was targetted stratight at the kids, and should have worked in that case. Kids love overacting, kids love SRK and Kareena, and kids have started loving Priyanka lately.

    And kids love TV!

    And all kids affairs. So of course stupid for everyone else. :)

  3. I am writing this mail with reference to your blog: Watch TV + Drink Pepsi = Pepsi TV at blogger.com on Thursday, July 06, 2006. You were mentioning about the Pepsi ad. I completely agree upon the point that, it was a poor ad in terms of creativity. But, as a student of finance& economics, you should understand that objective of an advertisement is not winning the award, but to sell the product. Effectiveness of ad is not measured in terms of number of awards but based on the increase in sales or brand awareness. Behind every ad, there is a marketing strategy, communication strategy and a creative strategy and an ad is targeted towards a particular target audience. In this case, the target audience is young Indians and kids, who sit and watch the TV throughout the day especially cricket. The marketing strategy is to increase the usage by finding out a new reason to drink Pepsi; ie, while watching the TV. The celebrity endorsement is a part of communication and creative strategy. In India it is easier to break the clutter by celebrity endorsement. You are a highly educated girl living at US, and the ad is not at all targeted towards people like you, that's why you felt bad about that ad. But for the right target audience, the ad will look nice. That is the secret of every effective ad, to attract and get noticed by the target audience only not by others. Regarding the bitchy look of girls; formula is simple, "sex sells".

  4. Wow,,,I felt I went back to Advertisement class of Marketing 3300,,but lets talk some facts here,,70% of India lives in villages,,amoung them 20% hardly have access to TV,,amoung them 90% have Doordarshan and I am sure pepsi is not at all Interested in wasting airtime money on doordarshan,,trying to sell pepsi to people who still drink ganne ka ras,,Now 30% that is the target market for pepsi,,comprises majorly of young kids,,who do not fall into the trap of consumerism,,nor they have the purchasing power coz almost 90% of tennagers in India are dependent on their parents for monetary support,,who simultaneously make the buying decision for them,,,yes inclusive of a drink too,,,because people in India drink milk,,they resort to pepsi and other beverages as a one time event,,when they go out to a restaurant or some,,so bad strategy,,hefty endorsements not worth,,and utmost important lack of creativity,,it has just become a rat race between the war of giants (read coke),,So please I would request you not to advocate in favor of these worthless WTF..kinda commercials...