Jul 19, 2006


I hail from the land of crowd.

No matter where you go, where you step, where you turn, where you see ... there's crowd everywhere! At bus stops, at train stations, at airports, in schools, in movie theaters, in parks, on the road ... crowd everywhere! Men, women, elderly, young, kids, infacts, rich, poor, beggars, sellers, people, people, people ... everywhere! Sometimes it is hard to find enough space to stand, to sit. Many times it's hard to walk. People pushing you around, stepping on your foot, calling you names, being extra rude is not at all shocking or surprising or even new. This is just how life works ... in the land of crowd!

Due to this exposure, it is sometimes hard for me to see people standing in buses when almost half the seats are empty. In the land of crowd 3-5 people share a seat, which was originally made for 2.

The later is the land of space, iSpace.

This place is full of land! Here, people don't like to see people. They don't like to be in close contact with them. In theaters, a minimum distance of one empty seat is absolutely required in order to enjoy the show. Here, people prefer living in the back portion of the house so that the road is not in front of there small abode, which allows them to avoid seeing people! Mostly everybody drives a car, use of public transportation is minimal, which allows many to enjoy iSpace in their known and friendly surroundings. In class, in parks, at train stations, at bus stops - in any public place - a good distance is maintained, no word is spoken, and not one comment is passed between two strangers. This is how very extremely important iSpace is, and this how very extremely strange the land of space is!


  1. "ISpace :This place is full of land! Here, people don't like to see people. They don't like to be in close contact with them " --Don't you think you belong to Ispace ?

  2. Hmm... you think so adidas? Please elaborate.

  3. Let's suppose ISpace is a living room of a flat where a Guy is stuck with a Girl, whom he knows for quite some time(ranging from 2 to 7 months). Unlike Land-of-crowd, where the 2 people would converse and have a good time together, in Ispace, the 2 of them hardly speak for hours and get bored.

  4. Allow me to be direct here... I'm pretty sure such things have happened in the past (otherwise example kahan se aata) and they will happen in the future as well. Why? Just because! Sometimes it's due to tiredness that results from the days 'hard work' [:D], sometimes it's due to boredom from seeing and hearing and talking and tolerating that one same guy [;)], and sometimes I just don't know [and this "don't know" refers to these past few days].

  5. Oh..it's your Space and I'm glad you're direct. Apart from "I just don't know", the other reasons hardly refrain anyone from being convivial and freindly. Still, granting the reasons as Genuine, don't you think you finally belong to ISpace beacuse :
    "Here, people don't like to see people. They don't like to be in close contact with them "
    P.S-I'm sorry for making this comment section a 1-to-1 conversation unlike all of Geetali's blogs comments, which ,I'm sure, are filled with Praises and Adulation for her great writing skills

  6. You seemingly are the epitome of the people in the space u have described .........
    Thought u have written well about the space i completely failed to where it belongs ...
    Is it mumbai u r talking about or a virtual place u created ...
    But yes in 1st cases its not possible that ppl use private transport more then public and later one it not possible to use public transport only.LOL
    Seems u had a bad day in a busy and fussy metropolitan city , thats where from the censure comes from.