Jul 13, 2006

Crush List

I'm not into cars. I can't even tell you the names of (a lot) of cars by just looking at them, except of course I know someone who owns a certain one and happen to know the name. The possibilities are not a lot, because Indians usually buy the same cars again and again. My parents, grandparents and uncle-aunt each own at least one Toyota Camry. So you see, there's no need to know all the names (or even a little less than all), because one name fits all!

Back in India (or maybe I should say, when I was much younger), I could identify a car by its sound. It's not hard to differentiate between a
Tata Indica, Maruti 800, and a Fiat.

Since I'm not into cars, that says for itself that I'm not crazy about them either. My heart does not stop pumping blood at the sight of a Lamborghini. Neither does it fall short of breath on seeing a Ferrari. I don't want or wish to have any of these cars.

I believe you are pretty conviced that I too am going to buy a Toyota Camry someday. Hey I know the name! and I sure can relate it to a picture in my head. BUT! there are a few cars that do contribute in those little tiny instances where I don't feel my feet being in contact with the ground. Umm... not a few, but two. Don't worry I won't prove you wrong, if not Camry I'll buy something pretty much like it since Ferrari and Lamborghini are not on my crush list.

The first car I like would be Nissan Maxima. Surprised? Of course! What's so special about this, so simple, so boring, so not-unusual looking car. Well, I don't know! When you like someone, is there a reason behind it? Or is it a feeling inside? Something you can't control. Something you know is strange, yet feels right! Same thing here. I guess, I'm pretty practical in that manner. Why dream of a Hummer when I know it's of no use to me. Or, am I just finding excuses? Nah! C'mon its a MAXIMA!! I don't need an excuse for this car.

Next in line is Nissan Z. Much cooler. Much hippier. Much younger. Still, i'm not aiming too high. I don't think you'll need a explanation to why I like this car, do you?

Maxima and Z have been on my list for a while now. Even today, when I see either of the two cars my dil goes mmm...

It seems that soon enough a new member maybe added to the 'I like...' family. You won't be able to guess this one.

It's small.
It's sleak.
It turns heads.
It's a two seater, two door.
Most likely a fantacy forever.
Hopefully, a dream waiting to be turned into reality.

And the winner is Lotus! May be I over exagerrated. I'm still not sure if I really, absolutely, truely, passionately like the car. I've only seen it twice on the road in the past five days, and once on a photoblog. But the car looks pretty cool. And I believe, there should at least be one car in the house that lets just the two - him and i - take a trip, without even having the option of more people. The rest of the cars, can quitely sit in the garage, and act like they are at the repair shop.


  1. ah,,..
    i was actually confused seeing the title and thought i'd look at some rather uncommon name but then, the names turned out to be that of cars and more so ever u did not like ferrari n lamborghini.. not even a porsche?? :O and no ford or for that matter any other too - audi se hi kaam chal jaata roll royce na sahi :P

    nevertheless, ur choice - the crush list i mean - is rather interesting ...

  2. Yes, the title was meant to throw off the readers. I succeeded :)

    I know, my Crush List is very odd. But then, I myself and odd. You'll get to read more about it, in the up coming days ;)