Apr 19, 2007

I think, I'm mad about this!

I don't know about others, but I hate reading news, specially long articles. I believe news should be two paragraphs at max.

I really like those write-ups which cover everything they have to say in 10-15 sentences. A full page article giving details, quoting people, and then describing the professions of
those people for a half page are really annoying. In addition to that, there are news pieces that spread over several pages. What's up with that? I understand the need for details, but then I also understand the need for quick update.

All news websites should probably adopt the BBC style - a summary of the article before one gets into reading a 10 minute text.

PS: Got a call from Bhai Jaan. Schernekau - my 12th grade English teacher - has requested the satire I wrote for her class, she wants to use it as an example. After two years, when I read it again... it makes me laugh! That was the initial intention as well. Though, I still wonder if I was too harsh :-? Schernekau scribbeled only a few words on top of my paper - 'I think I'm mad about this' - the grade I received - a perfect 100 :) - along with that piece being published in the school magazine.

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