Apr 9, 2007


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Closed eyes. Light creases on the forehead. The 'bindi' area applying its gravitational force on eyes and the creases. Neck moving slighty around allowing the head to lightly wobble. A humming sound generating from the throat, finding its way out the nostrils. Lips moving apart, giving way to voice.

dil ke mere paas ho itne
phir bhi ho kitni door
tum mujhse, main dil se pareshaan
dono hain majboor

aise mein kisko kaun manaaye
din dhal jaaye haaye, raat na jaaye
tu to naa aaye, teri yaad sataaye


I like Mohammad Rafi's voice and songs as well.
Lyricists are awesome people.
Music Composers are even better (sometimes).


  1. The first paragraph is something like a build up of a super hit melodious song that we generally get to hear from RJ's on several FM stations. If you read it aloud, you may sound like a RJ, something close to your 'random' dream.
    Well written paragraph indeed.

  2. Thank You Aditya.
    I do not really know whether you wrote your comment 'truely' or 'sarcastically' ... still, I've added an audio.

    PS: My voice is too flat. And I cannot really change it right now since I'm sick.

  3. Com'on your sick voice rocks ! If you can fake being gratuitously enthusiastic, like many RJ's are, you could spread GSU's radio station name real far and wide. Hail the creators of Pod cast and hail the genius who introduced the idea of audio streaming.

  4. :) Miss RJ!

    By the way, the quoted lyrics kind of described my condition so well that I could feel tears in my eyes! sob! sob!