Apr 24, 2007

Blogger in हिन्दी

Saw this on my Blogger Dashboard today.

और हम भी शुरू हो गए मामू!
Thanks to Anupama and Nitin.

The only problem is that Safari doesn't support the editing toolbar and therefore I need to use Firefox or Camino to be able to type in Hindi.

Another problem, I can't see what I'm typing in either Firefox or Camino because the Unicode is not recognizing the Devanagari Script. So, I only see question marks.

Need to try Opera next.


  1. All hindi used except in the post title IS right :P

  2. Prasoon...
    ...Yeah, I know. I was unable to fix it because i could only see '????'


  3. या तुम Keyboard Language को हिंदी set कर सकती हो... OS X में कहीं तो होगा!!