Jan 9, 2005

Hindustan ki khushboo...

Today, nana-nani stepped foot on US soil again. Spent a month of total bhaag-daud in mera Bharat mahan. While sipping her tea, nani was telling us how she utilised each and every day there and did not let time slip away. On asking what places they visited, nani gave the names of cities that I have never even heard of.

I was only interested in the stories of Meerut. Uff, I miss all that so much. So, Divya Masi, Rimjhim Masi, and Rinki Masi came over. Venu, Mishkin, Chinku and Vasu udham macha rahe the. Of course Hansag and I were on the top of the list of people being missed like hell. They will be shocked to see me when I do go to India - long hair, college gal, a bit mature, a bit bachi...hehe!

Well, all the stories are yet to be heard. Nana-nani took off after having a cup of tea and a bit of guppe-baazi. We'll go to their house on the weekend. By then nani will sort out the stuff she got for us, which btw I'm very eager to see. The way she's telling me about the lahangaz and tops and movies (haye allah!), I can't really wait. But, sabr ka phal meetha hota hai. Oh my god, nani brought aam-paapad, and man oh man, I love sour stuff. :D

Nani also mentioned something about going to India over the summer. She suggested that we could also go. Let's see how that goes. I'm not very positive about his summer. One of the reasons is that I have to get ready for college. Another one is that, nana-nani won't be comfortable letting me go out with my Delhi friends, because they do not know them so well. Meerut and meeting all the relatives is something I'm looking forward to aswell, but I won't be able to get over the shock of not meeting my Xaverians.

I am not going to loose my sleep over this matter. For now, I'm just going to smile and make use of my imaginative sense to picturize what my cute grandparents did in my sweet-sweet des.

Oh! by the way, today I noticed that nana-nani look cute together. I was a bit surprised because the word "cute" never ever came close to my vocabulary for parent figures. Afterall it's a word teenagers useto talk about their crushes and friends who are a couple. I also noticed nana looking at nani chori-chori while sipping his tea. Mashallah, that was a wow moment. :D

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  1. hey ms. Geetali. thanx for taking a minute to explain about the blog entries. the normal, logical part of my brain told me that was the answer .. that you just put them up recently and back dated them; but the paranoid three-quarters of my brain was screaming "Ach, you're going daft, Laddy" (in a scottish accent of course. and i've never been to scotland. of course.) Well, you take care too. have fun in these last few months of high school. I know for me at least, my dreams of university being a joyous, carefree time spend copulating with copious numbers of scantily dressed nymphettes haven't quite been the reality. it fact it hasn't been that way at all :P