Jan 12, 2005

Mogambo is no more

I was hearbroke after finding out that Amrish Puri expired. He was such a great actor! I'm not very fond of villians, but that dude was marvelous while performing such roles. Not only that, he was great in DDLJ and Chachi 420 also.

All the news articles I read have been saying the same things as well. A lot of people recognized him after the movie Mr. India in which he played the role of Mogambo. I remember, as a kid I was crazy about that movie. After all it was a children movie. But I also remeber that I, like many others, used to repeat his words, "Mogambo khush hua."

Yeah, man! I am gonna miss him. While reading the articles about this incident in school, I mentioned to Pavan that now I want to see all of his movies! I never realized that I liked him this much until yesterday.

Seriously, you don't know what something is worth until it's gone and in some cases forever.
what's preserved is the legacy...
what remains are the memories...


  1. Whoa, I didn't even know he had passed away. Just this weekend I saw a film he had acted in. It was an adaptation of Vidia Naipaul's "Mystic Masseur" and he had been in Trinidad making it, probably about 2 years ago. I also saw him in DDLJ and in the movie City of Joy with Patrick Swayze. (which btw was a good book too). RIP Amrish Puri.