Jan 27, 2005

Janki's B'day

I promised that I'll make alu ke paranthe for her as a birthday gift. Last night, however, I was really tired and fell asleep in the living room. Woke up around 8pm, moved into the bedroom and went to sleep. I did set an alarm for 5am though. Got up around 5:39, chhilofied the alu that mom had boiled the night before, mashed them, sprinkled masala, and made 8 paranthas by 7am. Mom wasn't sure whether I would wake up in the morning or not, so she made bread pakode in the morn, coz she knew about my promise to Janu. So, I packed 5 paranthes and 6 pakodes with hari chatni for lunch.

We didn't have cake, so both Nirali and I utilized the parantha as one. Meaning, we both put a piece of parantha in Janki's mouth. I did the same with the pakoda, but Nirali was feeling uncomfy coz this was during lunch and ppl were "watching". Whatever was left, Jaan took that to home with her for Himali and her Dadi.

In the evening I got a piece of cake that Himali had made herself and brought from Dairy Queen. I had 2-3 bites at school, but decided to have the rest at home. By the time we reached home, the ice-cream that it had in it had melted. It's in the freezer now :)

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