Jan 12, 2005

I am mad. Are you?

If you know me and if you have been around me you must have heard me say the words, "stupid americans." Yeah, I'm not very fond of America, don't have any enimity with the Americans, but I do say the two words. Actually, I will admit that Americans are not a bad flock. As a matter of fact they are very nice, but there are always a few rodents in every society.

What I read today on the website of Times of India made me angry as hell. I will not say anything, but will let you decide on your own what feelings you want to have towards this.

The article is titled, "US RJs abuse Indian girl, air tape on radio" -- READ IT!!

1 comment:

  1. I wish I could say I was surprised that something like this happened. But I'm really not. I am also angry at what happened. I can't cry down all Americans 'cause I don't live there and it wouldn't be right. So, let me put it this way : stay closer to the big cities 'cause the more rural the area you live in, the worse the bigotry will get, and above all, stick close to your own people. No one else will have your back. Shivee.