Jan 7, 2005

Tsunami opinion article

Washington read an article to us today - an opinion article from the Wall Street Journal. (Read it here)

The author of the article states a very valid point. Why collect and donate billions of dollars to countries hit by the tsunami when the same money could be utilized here in the US? The question is very easy and straightforward, but so is the answer.

One of the reasons that the United States of America has given $350 million dollars in aid is that this nation is a world power. A number of the south Asian nations are not economically capable enough to cope with this natural disaster. By helping them United States (and other nations, for example Japan who donated $500 million dollars) are coming in the international eye and are being praised for their kind-heartedness.


  1. hey geetali. i clicked the link to go to the article but the article i got redirected to, while linked to the tsunami, didn't actually deal with what you are talking about. so maybe the link is goin the wrong place? could just be me. shivee.

  2. Shivee, I checked the link and it took me at the correct page. About that October post which suddenly appeared out of nowhere... well, I was not able to access the internet for a couple of months. I wrote a few blogs during that period and recently posten them :) Take Care!