Jan 12, 2005

White snow in red desert?!

I was on the phone with nana when mom started yelling with utter excited, "there was a snowfall in UAE." I was shocked too. As soon as I was done talking to nana I went to her bedroom and started waiting with Hansag and mom to see the news about this unexpected happening. CNN is a crap news network though. After sitting there for about 5-10mins I said, "I'm tired of CNN!" and left. Looked up this topic online and found out that indeed there was a snow fall in the United Arab Emirates.

I hated what I discovered next. The article was dated December 30, 2004 and this f***ing CNN showed the news today. I never even heard about it!!

Anyways, just be amazed and read the article by yourself.

1 comment:

  1. Yea, CNN isn't all it used to be. I remember watching CNN when I was a little boy 5 or 6 years old, and even wanting to work there one day. But all that changed following 09/11. The way the network handled the coverage of the attacks on the WTC made me very upset.

    And as for the snow...i blame it on climate change. That could have some big effects on us all very soon. It already gets hotter by us every year.